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Draw attention to your natural assets...try bodyperks today! What is it? Let's just say it's a way to enhance the assets that you already have, and for Under $50 (includes priority shipping) you can't have more fun! To find out more, come inside!  Select small flat rate box
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Bodyperks  pink - BPP111

Bodyperk mocha - PBM222

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The natural look is back!
The Natural Look is Back!

Just look around, from your favorite magazine divas, to the stars on television, women are showing-off their breasts with pride! bodyperks is the latest fashion accessory for your breasts. They make you look and feel wonderfully sassy. Give bodyperks a try - you'll be amazed at the reaction.

What are bodyperks?
They are lightweight, natural colored, silicone nipples that you insert into your bra and place directly on your own nipple. You can create your own look and wear them with tight t-shirts, sexy halters, dresses, twin sets, swimsuits and more.

One size fits all as bodyperks were crafted to produce just the right amount of perkiness, regardless of breast size or shape. They will enhance the beauty of your breasts with the illusion of natural, erect nipples

The ful, fun breasts. You'll feel and look sexy!



Bodyperk mocha - PBM222

The possibilities for fun are endless!
Whether you're out on the town or playing volleyball, bodyperks comfortably stay in place and give you the added attraction of playful, fun breasts. You'll feel and look sexy!

Give your natural assets a lift - try bodyperks today! Under $60 (includes shipping and handling.)

It's a noticeable difference!
The second you place bodyperks over your nipples you'll notice the sexy enhancement to your nipples and breasts. It's simple! Your breasts will have a playful look without the need for cosmetic surgery or uncomfortable push-up Bras.  Bodyperks will make you look and more importantly Feel sexy.

Remember... Men love nipples!
 We hate to sound sexist, but it's true.  Just ask any guy. So read on  and find out how well bodyperks have worked for others. We think  you'll agree that bodyperks are a fun way to compliment the beauty that is already in you.

Bodyperks  pink - BPP111

Bodyperk mocha - PBM222

Under $50 (select small flat rate box shipping on the cart $8.99 priority mail) All orders carry a $3.99 cart handling fee.

Perky Nipples are non returnable!

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Any time.. day or night!

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