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Confirmation Emails:

Although you receive an automatic email confirmation that we have received your order, it does not automatically confirm Item is in stock or ready to ship.

Party Lights as well as Gemmy airblowns are popular. 
Some sell out fast.
Prices are subject to change, depending on inventory.

We will always notify you via email if Prices have changed and if you wish to decline or accept the price change.

Refunds & Returns ~~ Patio Lights, etc.:  
All Sales are considered final unless a problem occurs.
 We will accept returns or exchanges according to the following conditions: 

On all Online ordering:   My return policy is simple.

All postage / handling Fess are non refundable.

 I will accept returns for Exchange Only within 30 days of issue.  

 If a light string fails - The Original Light suppliers will send you FREE replacements for damaged or non functioning lights.  
This prevents loss of unnecessary shipping/ handling fees.

You are not required to return the defective light to receive replacement.

Lights that have been used or are in anyway damaged, do not qualify for a refund/ exchange, and one will not be issued. 

Lights that are returned for ill function, are accepted for Exchange Only.

Any Light returned for any other reason than they are broken or not functioning are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

We no longer issue Cash Refund on items returned that are not damaged.  

We will issue Web Site Product Credit that can be used for other purchases. 
 A Credit Certificate (less the 25% restocking fee) will be emailed.

If the original supplier deems the original item unavailable / discontinued,  They may elect to ship a substitute.   This is beyond our control.  We will try to email you in advance that a substitute has been issued.

If the substitute is unacceptable, it maybe returned for exchange or web site credit only.  Shipping / handling is non refundable.

No Cash Refund will be provided.

We will not issue Cash Refund for Gift Certificates. 
We will accept Gift Certificates, redeemable toward most Web Site listed items / Web site Credit.

Seasonal items are special order.  We will issue Cash Refund for Season Items that are found to be defective.  Defective Items need to be returned to receive refund.  Shipping fees are non refundable.
We will issue website credit Only (less 25% restocking fee) for seasonal items that are returned because of Change of Heart.  All shipping and handling are non refundable.

EBAY change of heart.  Lights purchased on Ebay are non returnable for refund of any kind.  We will authorize Exchange for a similar / like value item at no extra charge.

Large quantities (any order over one set per item) are considered special order and a restocking charge of 25% is applied and deducted from the issued Credit.  A Web Site Credit will be issued for further purchases.

Any order over 1 (one) set per item placed by customer for their review or sample, may be returned, but is subject to a 25% restocking charge. This charge will be deducted from the Credit.  All Shipping and Handling is non refundable.

We will reship whatever item  that arrives beyond repair, replacement cost free, but the customer must pick up the shipping charges. 

All USPS Shipping/ Handling is non refundable.  We do recommend that customers notify us immediately, so that we may discuss options. 

Ebay items may be returned for exchange ONLY
USPS shipping / handling fees are non refundable. 
 No cash refunds are issued, 
only Web Site Product Credit that can be used toward purchases of other items.

Damaged patio lights must be replaced by the original supplier according to their terms and conditions.. 


ZOO.jpg (25185 bytes)SHIPPING TODAY!!!





We accept orders via 2 methods - Our shopping cart / buy it now button and our Online form.



All Our lights and other products may be purchased using
Our New Shopping Cart System!

Our cart is simple - Select the item, adjust the quantity,

Click  Buy it now button.

You will be directed to the cart page for checkout or to return to shopping.

The return shopping - Continue shopping button -  will send you back to where you last were.

If you are looking for different items - we suggest the Menu page, the Hot Sheet, Patio light page, or click on the House (which takes you to our main front page.)

Each time you click on the Buy it now button - you are sent back to the cart page to review your selections - where you may adjust purchases, quantities, cancel orders, or complete checkout.

Should you be searching for items, and  are done shopping - In order to return to cart for Final checkout- we recommend you simply - click on any item Buy it now button, it will take you to the cart, where you may cancel / zero out what you do not want.

To complete your checkout, you must select the appropriate shipping.  Just click the shipping category - choices are:

1 All Party lights - for party light shipping.
2 Ticket, Wonderglove, Pins, Accessory
3 Non Party lights or Poker tablecloth
4 Chinese Tree peony

5 All Airblown Inflatables

Each item listing recommends the best category.

Shipping Fees are only suggested, and may be adjusted for actual rates.

Shipping fees are rated for USA / usps postal delivery.  International orders and overnight orders require adjusted rates.

Provide Payment info - Either credit card, money order or paypal.

Paypal orders are charged immediately by Paypal.

Credit card orders are accepted, but are manually billed with product ships.

Your credit card will be billed by Cator Enterprises Speciality.

Depending on what you ordered, full or partial shipping may occur.

At the bottom of check out is an area for special instructions - Please provide any additional information there.

We ship either directly from our home location, or drop ship from our suppliers when possible.

A credit slip is included with orders shipped from our main office, and will not be included in drop shipments.




Each Tree Peony has a Buy Me blank.
Enter in the quantity - and click buy me.  You will be sent directly to the web cart. 

Each completed order is assessed a $3.99 handling fee.

Look for :

To calculate the cost of shipping, please make a selection from the menu to the right and click on the RECALCULATE button below.

Select Tree Peony shipping category.

Your total purchase will be adjusted to the correct shipping.

All our tree peonies are shipped by USPS Prioirty Mail.

If, once you get to the web cart - and wish to purchase additional plants,
click Continue shipping.

This will take you back to the start of the Tree Peony Page

When you are done Click

Got To Payments

and fill in the appropriate information.

Credit Card Users will not be charged until Plants are ready to leave China.

PayPal Users will be charged immediately.

International Buyers will receive a follow-up invoice to cover additional s/h charges.


Our Shopping cart will securely accept any major credit card, Money Order as well as PayPal!
Credit Card Purchases are not automatically billed until Items are ready to ship.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

Visa MasterCard Discover American Express eCheck

using the button.

We recommend you open a new Browser Window  prior to clicking on Order Now Button.  (this allows you to go back and forth from online form to web page - make changes, additions, etc.)

This button will direct you to an Online form that allows you to place an order for Price Confirmation , but not immediate purchase.

The Secured form will accept your imput, but not automatically charge you.

This is recommended for International purchases.

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paypal-xcom.gif (1626 bytes) NOW BEING ACCEPTED BY 

  Just let us know you are using PayPal for all your purchases!


Revised rules for Shipping

We are again using USPS Priority mail for all Nationwide shipping.  Postage rates did increase:  Priority Coast to Coast!

  •  3 lb. package =  $5.85

  •  5 lb package  =  $12.99 

  • 10 lb package = $19.99

  • 20 lb package = $37.00

  • 25 lb package = $45.99

  • 30 lb package = $55.99

  • 40 lb package = $75.99

  • 50 lb package = $89.99

  • 60 lb package = $107.99

  • 70 lb package = $125.99

We will be using delivery confirmations: $.90 / package.

A $3.99 handling charge is applied to the first order on our cart.

You can reach the USPS calculator by www.usps.com

We try to make shipping fair.  In many cases we will bill you balanced owed on packages,  if they were no prepaid.

dancingmice.gif (10566 bytes)HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1/2006Well it is another new year.. and another change in shipping policy.  Needless to say we have received a ton of questions.. so let us try and clear it all up!

  1. We ship USPS Priority Mail..   That means you get your plants in 2-3 days, TOPS (even if necessary on a Saturaday at no extra charge!)
  2. Speical Request items.. are those which we are Custom requests that are found and dropped shipped for you.
  3. We ship as availability relates.
  4. We can overnight if requested.  Prices start at $25.99
  5. Replacements... Please Read Guidelines Under Terms & Conditions prior to request.  
  6. Returns & Exchanges:   We do not refund USPS postage or handling fees. 
  7. Refunds: We do not provide cash refunds period.  If an item is damaged, we will attempt to get you a replacement.  We do not refund USPS postage or handling fees.!
  8. 1/26/99 What are our Shipping Terms?  What about Refunds.. and plant guarantees?  Click on the terms button on left.
  9. On any plant material : Shortages, complaints, or returns must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of order. Remarks later than 2 working days are not subject to credit review. Orders are accepted on our good faith basis to supply material that is salable. We will not ship plant material that is dormant, or lifeless. However we will not be held responsible for unforeseen crop failures, over wintering losses, or shipment disasters ( USPS). We reserve the right from time to time and with your consent to impose special term and conditions of sale.
  10. Refunds: We will ship whatever plant material that arrives beyond repair, replacement cost free, but the customer must pick up the shipping charges. We recommend that customers notify us immediately. If after a 4-6 week grace period, and the plant does not improve, a free replacement can be sent, however the customer will have to pick up the cost of shipping.

mailbox.gif (2669 bytes)I'm sure I missed a bunch of concerns..
please email me ..

and I will address them as fast as i can! 


Email to: admin | info | webmaster

South Creek Nursery of Palmyra
P.O. Box 252 | Palmyra, New York 14522
Telephone:  (315) 597-5330
Fax: (315) 597-6892

Copyright 1996 South Creek Nursery of Palmyra. All rights reserved.
Information in this document is subject to change without notice.