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Perennial Comic Nomenclature Relief


  • Echinacea - Cone Flowers ( not Rudbeckia) but the purple and white ones. Also called Hedgehog Coneflowers for the big center stiff cone. Loves the priarie!
  • Echniops - Violet Globe Thistle; Looks like thistle...prickly too!
  • Edelweiss - Leontopodium actually. Nice song, odd looking flower... very like a short lion head.
  • Erigeron - Fleabane; another daisy, but the pink Jewel is very showy. Profusion is the spanish daisy...wiry ground cover with tons of the itis tiny flowers.
  • Erinus - Fairy Foxglove; nor to be confused with Uranus (the Planet). Tight mounded ground cover that looks suspiciuously like creeping phlox.
  • Erynigum- Blue Cap Sea Holly; fat glossy leaves with glowing lilac blue thistle cones. Eye catching.
  • Euphorbia - Milkweed or Spruge; It gowes tall into a cushiony green shrub or low and fleshy blue donkeytails.



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