Perennial Comic Nomenclature Relief


  • Aconitum - Monkshood; Deadly Hooded Stick

  • Adenophora - Lilyleaf Ladybell, and her winding fingers into everyone else's display

  • Aegopodium - Bishop's Weed; I got it in my yard, can't wait to get rid of it, my neighbor is dying to have it but is too cheap to pay me to did it up. And even after I did it up, the stuff grows back!

  • Agastache - Liquorice Hyssop, Giant smellyLiquorice on a big Stick

  • Agrostemma - Blushing campion; vibrant magenta crown that hates the wet

  • Ajuga - Bugleweed; Snake Haven

  • Alcea - Hollyhock; six foot mallow with such prettey hibiscus flowers and such nasty rusty leaves.

  • Alchemilla - Lady's Mantle, Five cut palm with those tiny greeny yellow thingies

  • Alyssum or Aurina - Basket of Gold; Confused Gold Dust

  • Anacyclus - Mat Daisy; Silvery leaves with those lovely red/white reversed flowers

  • Anaphalis - Pearly Everlasting; Nothing everlasting about it

  • Anchusa - Bugloss - Italian Alkanet; Label says it's short, grows nearly six feet tall

  • Androsace - Rock Jasmine, short tufted wierd little hen & chick

  • Anemone - Windflower; Wirery fall flowering single petal bush that can be soo overpowering

  • Antennaria - Pussy Toes, Cat's ear; Fuzzy Claws that take forever to amount to anything.

  • Anthemis - Golden Marguerite, Ox-eye Chamomile; Yellow daisy Hedge

  • Aquilegia - Columbine; The thing with dangling trumpet flowers

  • Arabis - Rock/wall Cress; that early spring flowering Rockcress that makes a great mass

  • Arenaria - Sandwort; green hairy stuff filled with loads of white flowers.

  • Armeria - Sea Pinks - Thrift; Lovely short pink balls on a stick

  • Artemisia - Silvermound; Fuzzy silvery puff ball that the birds love to pick to death

  • Aruncus - Goatsbeard; that tall Astilbe looking bush

  • Asclepias - Butterfly weed; that bright orange flower cluster that you didn't know you had until it showed itself in mid july

  • Aster - Spring/Fall flowering Daisy; Mixed red/blue/pink/purple yellow centered daisy-----pick one

  • Astilbe - False Spirea; that pretty foxy coned shape tail that loves the shade

  • Aubrieta - False Rockress; Purple Knockers



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