Perennial Comic Nomenclature Relief


  • Baptisia - Blue False Indigo; that wierd loppy oval leaved bush that I haven't seen flower yet

  • Belamcanda - Blackberry Lily; looks like an iris to me with funny speckeled flat flowers

  • Bellis - English Daisy; Ruffled short red, white frilly buttons --- what do the English have to do with that?

  • Bergenia - Heartleaf Bergenia; perennial cabbage with those flat clustered red flowers.

  • Boltonia - Snowbank; Thousand flowered Fall white aster overpowering the ditch.

  • Brunneria - Siberian Bugloss; immitation bog for-get-me-not. The variegated form burns up in the summer.

  • Buddleia - Violet Butterfly Bush, the other butterfly weed with the purple spikie cones in later summer.

  • Buphthalmum - Sunwheel; Single yellow daisies flowering in the distance.



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