Perennial Comic Nomenclature Relief


  • Chrysanthemum- Shasta Daisy; Maximum Shasta Daisy, or Hardy Mums, or Painted Daisy, or Matricaria, or just about anything they want to call a daisy flower now a days!
  • Campanula - Bellflowers, Starflowers, Harebells, Canterbury Bells; those short, medium, or tall cup flowers with or without the saucer or the waiter.
  • Carnations - Divine Flowering Dianthus, Pinks; Acually they come in lots of colors, single, doubled, picoteed and they all smell like cinnamon.
  • Catanche - Cupid Dart, Cupidone; Another daisy atop a mound of hairy green leaves that look like an upside down spider.
  • Centaurea - Knapweed, Hardhead, Perennial Bachelor Button; Blue, Pink daisy, or Gold Hard Hat...they can be eye catching.
  • Centranthus - Valerian, Jupiter's Beard; A starry cluster of red or white
  • Cephalaria - Yellow Scabious; Big erect yellow pinchushion.
  • Cerastium - the Snow in Summer; verus that snow on the mountian (Aegopodium)...silvery invasive carpet brimming with white flowers.
  • Ceratostigma - Plumbago, Leadwort; that blue flowering mini shrub that is only remembered as Plumbago!
  • Chelone - Turtlehead, or penstemon; those hodded large snapdragon heads that look like peeking out turutle's head.
  • Chrysogonum - Golden Star; looks like a primrose to me.
  • Cimicifuga - Bugbane; wonderful fall white flowering goose head.
  • Convallaria - Lily of the Valley; beautiful when flowering, nothing by leaves later.
  • Coreopsis - Tickseed; shades of yellow daisies on thick or thready leaves. Sunshine on a stem.



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