Perennial Comic Nomenclature Relief


  • Oenothera - Evening Primrose or Sundrops: Large pink or yellow drops from the sun.


  • Pansy - Large Viola; Big multicolored faces, blotched or even Jokered! Sugar covered edibles.!
  • Papaver - Poppy or more explicitly: Frogballs! Those dangling little or bigger hairy flower pods just urging to bust open and unfurl.
  • Penstemon - Beardtongues, or Beardlips (smaller verison of the turtleheads) Just a snapping!
  • Peony - Paeonia or common Peony; Ant attracter...and pick a name.
  • Perovskia - Rusian Sage; Blue sun lover, but not a red communist.
  • Petrophagia - Tunic Flower - False Baby's Breath; airy immitation...but just blooming
  • Phlox - Border (Garden Tall) or moss pink (subulata - creeping) ; tall or short a long bloomer.
  • Physalis - Chinese Lantern ( garden syphilis) with such pretty patio lights.
  • Physotegia - Obedient Plant, or False Dragonhead; like a turltehead but schooled.
  • Platycodon - Balloon Flower ( ready to pop)
  • Potentilla - Cinquefoil, or five fingered strawberry bush.
  • Primula - Primrose; those light green occasion plants best seen around Easter.
  • Pulmonaria - Lungwort; Not to be confused with Leadworts, These are the hairy leafed pokadot perennials.
  • Pyrethrum - Painted Daisy; another chrysanthemum but of pink to red daisies.


  • April Fool Yeah - Again -- don't have one!




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