Perennial Comic Nomenclature Relief


  • Rodgersia - Rodger's Fingerleaf Flower; Big leathery palm leaf thing that hasn't flowered yet!
  • Rudbeckia - Blacke-eye Susan or the Yellow Coneflower with the dark or green eye.


  • Sagina - Pearlword, Irish Moss; Your very own personal golf green!
  • Salvia - Violet Sage or Hardy Blue Salvia; or man change the cat liter...cat pea everywhere.
  • Santolina - Lavender Cotton; a minature silver tree ready to layer with xmas cheer.
  • Saponaria - Rock Soapwort; and it spreads so nicely like friendly gonorhea.
  • Saxifraga - Mossy Rockfoil; hen & chix with wonderly pastel flowers.
  • Scabiosa - Pincushion Flower; shades of blue to violet, but not needles or thread.
  • Sedum - Stonecrop; the short is usually invasive, the tall like fall cabbage. Just the plant to overtake the neighbor's yard.
  • Semperivrens - Hens & Chix; Houseleeks. Pretty uncackled rosettes. No rotten eggs here.
  • Sidalcea - Checkerbloom, Prairie Mallow; no jumping kings on this board.
  • Silene - Maiden Tears or Catchfly - Cushion Pinks; imitation garden pinks.
  • Stachys - Lamb's ear, Woundwort, Betony; So wooly soft you might want to shear it and make a sweater.
  • Stokesia - Stokes Aster; Pincushion like.




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