Perennial Comic Nomenclature Relief


  • Hemerocallis - Daylily; Funnel shaped trumpets blazing with color once a day.

  • Helenium - False Sunflower or Sneeze Weed; a tall orange or yellow daisy with prominent dark eye geered to suck up the sun.

  • Helianthemum - Rock or Sun Rose; pastel saucers layering above a shrubby base.

  • Heliopsis - Orange Sunflower: the big huge wall of yellow daisies that totally disapear in winter.

  • Herbs - Why there are so many. Annual to perennial...so much thyme and so little nip.

  • Heuchera - Coral Bells; tiny bells dangling from tall wiry stems, slightly ringing.

  • Heucherella - Foamybells or Featherbells; a cross between Tiarella and Heuchera leaving with stems filled with feathery bells.

  • Hibisucs - Rose or Swamp Mallow; Dinner plate flowers with a fluffy protruding eye. Here's looking at you.

  • Hosta - Funkia; to you too. Big leaves (or even small ones) in so many shapes, sizes, colors, wrinkled, puckered, variegated. 1/2 to full shade lover.

  • Houttuynia - Camaeleon Plant; a splashy combo leaf of red, green, & yellow rolled up into one. A water lover - spreader.

  • Hypericum - St. John's Wort; the shrubby one with big yellow flowers, or the AAron's Beard that is more of a bright ground cover with stems of little green leaves.


  • Iberis - Candytuft; Sweet heads of snowy white flowers.
  • Inula - Swordleaf; Stiffy leaves and tons of yellow daisies just waiting to battle with Darth Vader.
  • Iris - Oh so many:

Ensata - Japanese; no beard
German - Flag; bearded
Pseudacorus - Yellow flag; water one
Pseudacorus variegated - striped
Pumila - Dwarf & bearded
Siberian - Bearlesss
Veriscolor - Wild iris, Poison Flag




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