Perennial Comic Nomenclature Relief


  • Lamium - Deadnettle, or Archangel; that ivy like groundcover with the white frosty variegated leaves and pink or white flowers.

  • Lathrus - Sweet Everlasting Pea; That pink pea climbing wildly along the roadside.

  • Liatris - Blazing Gay Feathers; a wave of bushy foxtails adorning the hillside.

  • Ligularia - Groundseal; the tall yellow Rocket

  • Limonium - Statice or Sea Lavender. Everyone needs to attain a little!

  • Linum - Flax; tall slender stems, sprawling out with a great succession of the cutest wedgewood blue flowers.

  • Lobelia - Cardinal or Indian Pinks; the red ones will only survive in the wet wild, the blues ones are just the opposite (riding the train beds).

  • Lunaria - Money Plant or the Silver Dollar; and they say money doesn't grow on trees.. that's right...it grows on a plant.

  • Lupine - Texas Bluebonnet; the showly cone like torch with the very strong pea aroma.

  • Lychnis - Catchfly, Campion, Maltese Cross; will just Lick this! It make a field look a fire and fluffywith snow.

  • Lysimachia - Gooseneck Loosestrife or Shepherd's Crook; Tall hanging white necks or on the ground in a circle of yellow flower, or creeping along Jenny.

  • Lythrum - Purple Looestrife; fills the swamp land and marsh with deep rich magenta.


  • Malva - Musk Mallow; mini hibiscus in a spitting profusion of pink or white color.
  • Matricaria - Feverfew (another Chrysanthemum) with clusters of yellow or white bunches and such strong, tearful aroma. Just break out in a sweat thinking about it.
  • Mertensia - Virginia Bluebells or Cowslips; a marsh lover for the shade.
  • Monarda - Wild Bergamot; Hooded whorls for the birds, and the bees, and butterflies, and the hummers.
  • Myosotis - Forget-me-not; How can I.


  • April Fool Yeah - don't have one!




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